Monthly Archives: May 2011

IntelliSense tip

The IntelliSense feature of SSMS in SQL 2008 is a handy feature, overall I really like it.  There was one thing that was bugging me though: If I made any schema changes while SSMS was open, Intellisense didn’t seem to know about it.  It would mark any references to those changes as invalid.  The sql […]

A little more about compression

Happy Monday folks!  Ready to talk some more about compression? Unicode Compression Another type of compression new in SQL Server 2008 is Unicode compression.  This is basically row compression for nchar and nvarchar datatypes.  Per BOL, SQL Server uses the Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode (SCSU) algorithm to achieve up to 50% space savings on […]

Page compression (!)

Ok kids, last time I introduced row compression, today I want to take the next step and talk about page compression.  Now, whereas row compression removed NULL and 0 values from each individual record, page compression removes redundant values from a table.  Redundant data is stored on the page only once, and subsequent occurrences will […]