Monthly Archives: April 2012


Slacking Off: Totally TED

Lately I’ve taken to watching TED talks in the evening.  They’re thought-provoking, usually entertaining, and, best of all when watching late at night, short.  I have to control myself though, I could spend hours jumping from one great topic to another.  Really, I should probably watch something less thought-provoking right before bed, like the Rockford […]

The Importance of a SQL Server Inventory

Pop quiz! It’s time to true-up with Microsoft, what are your current license counts? Operations needs to schedule maintenance on ServerY, what applications will be impacted? A developer wants to change the password for a certain login, what linked servers will be affected? Are there any databases that haven’t been backed up in a week […]

Custom TDS Endpoints: Listening on multiple ports

Last time, I talked about how clients communicate with SQL Server through TDS endpoints and how to disable endpoints to prevent user access. Today we’ll see how we can configure SQL Server to listen on multiple ports through the use of user-defined endpoints. Create a new TDS endpoint There can only be one Shared Memory […]