SQLSaturday #164, Cleveland

Date: August 18, 2012

Session 1

Title: So I started this blog…now what?


Ever thought about trying your hand at blogging? Or maybe you’ve started a blog but struggle with what to write about. We’ll take a beginner’s look at blogging and examine what makes a great blog, finding topics, finding your voice, building authority and credibility, and setting you on the road to blogging stardom.

Level: Beginner

Session 2

Title: Searching for the Holy Grail of DDL Auditing


Who altered this view and how? When was this index created? What happened to my stored procedure? From SQL Trace to SQL Audit, from C2 to Extended Events, we’ll explore various methods of auditing object changes in SQL Server in a quest to find the perfect DDL audit solution.

Level: Beginner

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