Looking for a new SQL Server book? Look no further…

tribalSQLcoverSo I know it’s been a while since I last posted on this blog, but I promise I haven’t been totally slacking off.  In fact, I’m proud to announce that I am now an officially published author (I do like the sound of that.  Author).  That’s right, 14 other first-time authors and I, with tons of help from Red Gate and the MidnightDBAs have come together to produce Tribal SQL, which will be officially launched at the PASS Summit next week.  Woot!!!

How did it happen?  Well, back in late 2011, Jen McCown posted a call for any previously unpublished SQL Server professionals interested in collaborating on a new book.  The premise of the book was to share knowledge that all DBAs should know.  So I submitted an abstract on the topic of auditing (shocker, I know), and my submission was accepted.  Thus began what became a 2 year writing and editing process, and quite a learning experience.  There were some quiet periods where I, to be honest, wondered whether it would really happen.  Then, in a flurry of activity over the last 6 months or so, it all came together to a final product that I cannot wait to see.

Tribal SQL

15 first-time authors answer the question: What makes you passionate about working with SQL Server?

MidnightDBA and Red Gate partnered to produce a book filled with community, Tribal, knowledge on SQL Server. The resulting book is a series of chapters on lessons learned, perhaps the hard way, which you won’t find in traditional training or technical guidance material.

As a truly community-driven book, the authors are all generously donating 100% of their royalties to the charity Computers 4 Africa.

A DBA’s core responsibilities are constant. A DBA must have the hard skills necessary to maintain and enforce security mechanisms on the data, prepare effectively for disaster recovery, ensure the performance and availability of all the databases in their care.

Side by side with these, our authors have also recognized the importance of communication skills to the business and their careers. We have chapters on the importance to a DBA of communicating clearly with their co-workers and business leaders, presenting data as useful information that the business can use to make decisions, and sound project management skills.

The resulting book, Tribal SQL, is a reflection of how a DBA’s core and long-standing responsibilities and what it means to be a DBA in today’s businesses.

Computers 4 Africa

As mentioned above, all proceeds from the book sales are being donated to Computers 4 Africa, a non-profit that collects and refurbishes old computers for use in African schools, colleges, and communities.  So not only will this book augment your SQL Server knowledge base, it will also help train the next generation of IT professionals.  Not too shabby, eh?  This book is truly 466 pages of awesome.

Gift-wrapping available

Not going to PASS?  No problem!  The book is also available on Amazon.  And, you know, the holidays are fast approaching.  I know what all my family and friends are getting this year…

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