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Data doesn’t always come in a nice, neat, relational format.  Oftentimes it’s unstructured files like Word documents or images.  But it still needs to be stored in some manner, right?  In previous versions of SQL Server, you could store this kind of data in the database using varbinary or image columns.  Another alternative was keep […]

SQL Server A to Z – Encryption

Hierarchies.  Asymmetric keys.  Symmetric keys.  Certificates.  Algorithms.  Authenticators.  Encrypting your data can seem like a very daunting and confusing process.  On the one hand, you want your data to be secure.  But on the other hand, you still want good performance.  And, no pressure, but fail to plan properly and your data becomes completely unreadable.  […]

SQL Server A to Z – DMV

Today’s episode of SQL Server A to Z is brought to you by the letter D.  D is for Dynamic Management View (DMV).  DMVs were introduced in SQL 2005 as a way to provide administrators with a window into what’s going on in SQL Server at any given moment.  This can range from OS statistics, […]