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RYO Maintenance Plan – Index Maintenance

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, but I swear I have a good excuse. I’ve been busily working on a separate writing project, but I’m back now and ready to continue rolling my own maintenance plan. To recap, so far I’ve covered backups, backup cleanup, and updating statistics. Today I’m going […]

Maintenance 3.0

I just couldn’t let it go.  Right after my last post I decided I just wasn’t satisfied with that maintenance script.  First of all, it only worked on one database at a time.  And secondly, there were just too many selects within the cursor loop.  And, personally, I’d rather work with a temp table than […]

The ever-shrinking maintenance window

As I’ve stated before, databases aren’t getting any smaller. Business and legal requirements are mandating that we gather and retain more and more data that, in the past, we might have purged from time to time. It’s a simple fact that database indexes must be maintained, statistics updated, and databases backed up; and the bigger […]