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Parsing Windows event logs with PowerShell 5

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of using PowerShell to parse the Windows event logs and possibly adding that to my Inventory scripts. I like the idea of pulling out the important errors and messages into a central place for easy viewing/reporting. Depending on what platform you’re running on, there are a couple of […]

Get-WinEvent filter SQL SERVER

SQL Audit 301 – Using Powershell to Manage Audits 2

Today we’re going to go over some very basic scripts to create, drop, and copy SQL Audit objects using Powershell and SMO. Managing SQL Audit objects via PowerShell is actually pretty simple, even for a newbie like me. And I’m proud to say that these might be the first PowerShell scripts I’ve written that were […]

Building a SQL Server Inventory – Part 2 18

Last time I went through my script to gather server information for my inventory. Today I’m going to go through my script to collect SQL Server instance data. So, I think I made it clear last time that I’m not a Powershell guru, and there are probably countless ways in which this script can be […]

Building a SQL Server Inventory – Part 1 26

Ok folks, you asked for it. Well, a few of you did, anyway. So today I’m going to share with you my script for gathering server-level information as part of my SQL Server inventory. Now, I want to make one thing perfectly clear before we begin, and I can’t emphasize this enough: I am not […]