Monthly Archives: March 2011

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a developer who was concerned about the security of his application’s data.  So he decided to change the password for his application’s SQL login.  So he logged into the database and used sp_password to change his password and he was happy. On the other end of the hall lived […]

Using Service Broker to replicate logins

Talking about mirroring and its shortcomings got me thinking:  there has to be a reliable way to replicate logins from the primary server to the mirror.  Sure, you could do it manually, that would work just fine for those applications with a limited number of logins where there isn’t much turnaround.  But then again, if […]

Database Snapshots – Part 3 – Data Recovery

In this final part of our series on SQL Server database snapshots, I’m going to talk about what, I think, is the most forgotten feature/use of snapshots:  data recovery.  If you (or ‘a friend’) makes a mistake and deletes data you shouldn’t have, or perhaps accidentally drops a table, if you have a snapshot, you […]