Stuff I learned today – XML and CLR

Well, to say I “learned” about XML and CLR is a bit disingenuous.  More accurately, the instructor went over XML and CLR.  But to be honest, I know so little about either subject that it was a bit like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher.  But anyway, we covered it and it gave me some ideas as to how they can be used, so I’ll have more to offer the next time a developer comes to me asking “How can I…”  And that was kind of the point of picking this class in the first place.

In other news I’m heading down to Columbus this weekend for SQL Saturday #75.  I’m looking forward to some good sessions to cap off this Week ‘o SQL Learnin’.

Have a great weekend folks!

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One thought on “Stuff I learned today – XML and CLR

  • David Vaughan

    Mrs. Morrow:

    Thank you kindly for your blog articles. They have been most useful.

    I hope you can help me with the following:

    I find myself in need of obtaining the Connection String from a SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cube. I have successfully put together the necessary XMLA:


    BI EDW

    So, my question is: how can I execute this XMLA from Powershell in such a way that I can write the result out to a SQL table, etc.

    Your posts have been very helpful with respect to gathering information from multiple SQL Servers. I am hoping to leverage that concept by merely changing this source to SSAS.

    Many thanks already for the contributions you’ve made. I look forward to any response you may have with respect to this question.

    Kind reghards,

    David Vaughan