Monthly Archives: August 2011

SQL Server A to Z – Locks

Time once again for another installment of SQL Server A to Z.  Today we’re talking about locks.  Locking is just a fact of life with any RDBMS, it’s what allows you to have multiple concurrent users in your database while still maintaining data integrity.  Without locks there would be chaos.  Chaos I tell you.  So […]

SQL Server A to Z – Kerberos

Some letters get all the love. Take ‘C’ for example. You’ve got collation, clustering, compression, constraints, change data capture… Colleen. And what about ‘A’? Atomnicity, authentication, automation, auditing, Azure, and so on. But not ‘K’. What does poor little ‘K’ get? Kill? Keywords? Meh. So today I’m talking about Kerberos. I’ll tell you a little […]