SQLSaturday #164 Cleveland – Tick tock, people!

SQLSaturday #164If you haven’t already heard, Cleveland is hosting SQLSaturday #164 on August 18.  That date is coming up fast and right now we need you (yes you!).  The call for speakers is open for 2 more weeks, so if you’re interested in presenting, submit an abstract.

Cleveland’s last SQLSaturday was a huge success.  Top speakers from around the country traveled here in February of 2011, braved a snowstorm (of course), and gave awesome presentations to close to 200 people.  Folks like Aaron Bertrand, Steve Jones, Kendra Little, Jeff Moden, Tom LaRock, and Grant Fritchey.  Came here.  To teach us.  For free.

I was there.  In fact that was my first SQLSaturday event.  Up to that point, my career had pretty much been on autopilot.  Then I attended Steve Jones’s presentation “The Modern Resume – Building Your Brand”.  That session, combined with all of the other great sessions I attended that day, was the kick in the ass I needed.  I signed up for a LinkedIn account.  I started this blog.  I got more involved in the SQL community.  And I started speaking.  All that in one year.  Funny how one event can change the course of your career.

We want to make this SQLSaturday as big a success as the last one.  We want to kick your career’s ass.  Going to be in Cleveland on August 18?  Register for SQLSaturday #164.  Want to open new doors in your career?  Submit an abstract!

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