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SQL Server A to Z – Tempdb

I may be on vacation, but the alphabet goes on. We’re up to the letter T and that stands for tapas, toreadors, and tempdb! Tempdb is a system database with one very special characteristic: it gets recreated every time SQL Server starts up. What is tempdb used for? The first use for tempdb is user […]

Panic, Problems, and Plans

So what have I been up to?  Well not writing blog posts, obviously. Everybody Panic!!! Really though, I haven’t exactly been slacking off these past couple weeks.  As you may recall, one of my goals this year was to present at a SQL Saturday.  To help me towards that goal, I have my very first […]

SQL Server A to Z – Locks

Time once again for another installment of SQL Server A to Z.  Today we’re talking about locks.  Locking is just a fact of life with any RDBMS, it’s what allows you to have multiple concurrent users in your database while still maintaining data integrity.  Without locks there would be chaos.  Chaos I tell you.  So […]