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Better Living Thru Powershell: Update Statistics in Parallel

As part of a project I’m currently involved with, we’re migrating a database to SQL Server 2008 and performing some internal updates to the schema and data. Once the database portion of the upgrade is complete, we’d like to update all database statistics before continuing. On a large database, updating all statistics with a full […]

Using Powershell to Deploy Performance Monitor

As good little DBAs, we should be gathering baseline statistics for our database servers. These stats can give us insight into what’s changed when performance is suddenly in the toilet. They can also provide a basis for determining what systems can be consolidated, downsized, or virtualized, which has become quite the topic of discussion with […]

Do you have enough disk space?

So, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I have an inventory database where I store information on our various SQL Server installations.  It has instance data (versions, editions, patch levels, collation settings, etc), database information (compatibility level, creation date, collation, recovery model, the backup location, etc.), and more.  I also use it to track database […]