What changed? Auditing options in SQL Server 2014


When and how was this view changed? Where did that index go? Who's accessing my sensitive data? As a DBA, you'll face these and similar questions throughout your career. And if you don't have an audit in place, providing answers can be difficult. In this demo-rich session we'll examine auditing options in SQL Server 2014, including SQL Trace, event notifications, DDL and logon triggers, and SQL Server Audit. We'll begin by defining real-world requirements for an auditing solution, such as events to capture, data to collect, output destinations, and performance considerations. As we implement each tool, we'll discuss its unique benefits and limitations, and see how it stacks up against our specifications. By the end of this session, you'll have the knowledge you need to select and implement the auditing tool that's right for you.

SQLSaturday #421 Columbus 2015

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