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NEOOUG meeting – Oracle 12c

Last week I attended the Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group’s (NEOOUG) first meeting of 2013.  The main topic of the day was the upcoming release of Oracle 12c.  The “c” stands for “cloud”, and the focus is on making private cloud environments easier to deploy and manage. Pluggable Databases Up til now in Oracle, every […]

Call me Ishmael

This week I’ve been chasing my own white whale.  Another developer came to me with this little problem.  A query he was trying to run over a linked server to an Oracle database was returning unexpected results.  Here’s his original query: select count(order_num) from openquery(PROD, ‘select t2.order_num from myschema.mytable t2 where open_date < to_date(”01-JAN-2011”, ”DD-MON-YYYY”) […]