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RYO Maintenance Plan – Database Backups, Part 3

I’ve covered creating my backup directories and the actual backup of the database(s). The last thing I want to do in my process is clean up any old backup files. Once again, I want to allow for some flexibility in my procedure. Much like the maintenance plan task I’m replacing, my procedure should be able […]

RYO Maintenance Plan – Database Backups, Part 2

Last time I dealt with the creation of subdirectories, in one or more root locations, to house my database backups. Today we’ll get into the meat of the database backup procedure itself. If you’ll recall, this procedure has to meet some specific criteria: It will need a minimum of tweaking to implement and maintain. It […]

Do you have enough disk space?

So, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I have an inventory database where I store information on our various SQL Server installations.  It has instance data (versions, editions, patch levels, collation settings, etc), database information (compatibility level, creation date, collation, recovery model, the backup location, etc.), and more.  I also use it to track database […]