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SQL Server A to Z – Kerberos

Some letters get all the love. Take ‘C’ for example. You’ve got collation, clustering, compression, constraints, change data capture… Colleen. And what about ‘A’? Atomnicity, authentication, automation, auditing, Azure, and so on. But not ‘K’. What does poor little ‘K’ get? Kill? Keywords? Meh. So today I’m talking about Kerberos. I’ll tell you a little […]

SQL Server A to Z – Encryption

Hierarchies.  Asymmetric keys.  Symmetric keys.  Certificates.  Algorithms.  Authenticators.  Encrypting your data can seem like a very daunting and confusing process.  On the one hand, you want your data to be secure.  But on the other hand, you still want good performance.  And, no pressure, but fail to plan properly and your data becomes completely unreadable.  […]