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Better Living Thru Powershell: Update Statistics in Parallel

As part of a project I’m currently involved with, we’re migrating a database to SQL Server 2008 and performing some internal updates to the schema and data. Once the database portion of the upgrade is complete, we’d like to update all database statistics before continuing. On a large database, updating all statistics with a full […]

RYO Maintenance Plan – Update Statistics

Another key component of any good maintenance plan is updating statistics. Statistics are what help the SQL Server optimizer choose the best execution plan for your queries. Let your stats get too far out of date, and watch your query performance tank. For me, the biggest shortcoming of the update statistics maintenance plan task is […]

The ever-shrinking maintenance window

As I’ve stated before, databases aren’t getting any smaller. Business and legal requirements are mandating that we gather and retain more and more data that, in the past, we might have purged from time to time. It’s a simple fact that database indexes must be maintained, statistics updated, and databases backed up; and the bigger […]