toolboxA consolidated repository of various scripts and tools I’ve blogged about.

SQL Audit

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Download the SQLAudit scripts.

SQL Server Inventory

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Download the SQL Server Inventory scripts.

Update Statistics in Parallel

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Download the Update Statistics scripts.

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7 thoughts on “Toolbox

  • David Cobb

    Your SQL Inventory scripts saved me a ton of time assessing around 20 SQL servers for a client. Thank you.

    Do you still maintain your SQL Inventory tool? I made changes to support Trusted Authentication, and thought of some other data I’d like to capture.. have you considered hosting on github and accepting community contributions to it?

  • Colleen M. Morrow Post author

    Thanks David. I do maintain it, though pretty much just for personal use. My intention posting on this blog was to provide a jumping off point for other folks to take what I’ve done and customize it for their own environment. I’d love to hear what other data you’re collecting, though.

  • Kevin Zakoski

    Great tool, even as a Powershell newbie like myself I was able to convert it to Trusted Autentication and it’s now collecting data from approx. 300 SQL boxes in our environment.

    However, the one problem I’m having and haven’t found a solution for is the CommandTimeout. The default of 30 secs causes an exception error every now and them, but I can’t find any way to set the value higher. There have been some posts around the subject but everything I try errors out with an invalid argument.

    Do you know of a way to set the value higher and can you provide an example, if possible?


    Kevin Z.

  • Nick Devenish

    In searching for SQLAudit solutions I read your posts and implemented a solution based on your model. I think it will serve our purpose well. Many thanks for sharing your work.
    One thing that surprised us was the that sqlaudit appeared to put a surprisingly large additional load on OS memory requirements. The servers that I have implemented it on show a dramatic increase in memory paging with sqlaudit enabled. Is that something that you have noticed in your implementation?

    • Colleen M. Morrow Post author

      Hi Nick – Glad you found the audit scripts useful. I’ve not experienced memory pressure from implementing audits, and I haven’t heard of others running into what you’re seeing. The audit buffer itself should be very small, about 4MB. How do you have your audits configured?